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Laundry service

Laundry service
Each year is a year developing Dang Anh hotels are constantly trying to create a good service, perfect. Although specific laundry service are still many difficulties and has not developed its full potential inherent. But we always put a guideline consistent service quality and customer satisfaction top priority! Standards, competition is the picture that the hotel laundry service Dang Anh has and will do better!

We are the pioneer business of professional laundry services first in Hanoi!

- Seamless modern machinery

- Chemicals used directly by consulting experts chemicals known firms Ecolab

- Quality map after washing is checked for each batch of laundry

- Tested and qualified to provide services to businesses, large hotels like Sofitel Plaza, SomersetGrand, Metro Cash & Carry, Canon Vietnam, Panasonic Vietnam and many many other companies in Hanoi

- Friendly to the environment and safety for producers and above all is to give customers the perfect service, the most comprehensive

That's how we are building trust and satisfaction of its esteemed customers!


Always great effort and perfect from the smallest details, not content with what we do, we have and continue to professionalise this type of service in Vietnam, catch up with trends and social life of the country.

To do well and even better its services, we are building and training programs to employees to master all the skills to work for a perfect one. In addition, working with some partners are giving us the opportunity to further develop the quality of their laundry service, and increase competition, reduce service costs to become a reliable service address of the people of Hanoi!